9 Tricks To Recycle Old Pill Bottles

More and more, people are becoming concerned about the environment and they think about the rubbish they take to the curb, as it will eventually end up in the landfill. Even if you recycle some of your larger items, there are many smaller items that still find their way into the trash can.

Something that many of us throw away on a monthly basis are empty prescription pill bottles. Rather than taking them out to the curb, you can use them in a number of interesting ways. By doing so, you are not only helping to save the environment, you are providing convenience for your household. Here are our 9 favorite ways to use old pill bottles.

1. Mini Emergency Kit


Although it is a good idea to have a full-size emergency kit, a pill bottle gives you the opportunity to carry some essentials with you. You can include some of the following in the kit, a few Band-Aids, tweezers, aluminum foil, money, Q-tips, safety pins, para cord, fire straws, birthday candles, alcohol wipes and a few pills.

2. Start a Fire


When you need to start a fire in an emergency, you can carry what is necessary in an old pill bottle. Cotton balls and petroleum jelly make wonderful kindling. You can learn how to do it here.

3. Store Buttons


Pill bottles just happen to be the perfect size for storing buttons. You can keep a variety of buttons in a single pill bottle or, as they accumulate, you can separate them by colors, sizes or types. You can also glue buttons to the lid as an easy reference.

4. Gift Boxes


Attach some wrapping paper to the sides of the old pill bottle and decorate the top with some embellishments and you have an awesome miniature gift box. It’s perfect for a small trinket, bracelet or even for giving somebody some cash.

5. Cookies


No, you are not going to bake the cookies inside of the pill bottle but you can use the pill bottle to cut them to the perfect miniature size! After they have cooled, you can even fill a few bottles with the small cookies and give them as a gift.

6. Coin Purse


Admittedly, this isn’t really a purse but you get the general idea. Pill bottles are the perfect size for stacking coins and keeping them organized. You can save your coins at home in this way or carry a pill bottle with some coins in your purse.

7. Cosmetics


Keep your cosmetic counter as neat as a pin with old pill bottles. You can use them for organizing and storing everything from eyeliner to mascara and lipstick. You can also spray paint the bottle or decorate it to give your cosmetic counter a chic look

8. Hide a Key


Superglue a rock to the lid of a prescription bottle and put a spare key inside. Bury the bottle near the door and no one will have any idea it is there.

9. Travel Container


Pill bottles make the perfect storage containers for conditioner, shampoo, bobby pins, Q-tips, lotions, jewelry, vitamins and many other smaller items when you’re taking a day trip or even going out for a few days. Be sure to check with the airlines before you try to board a plane with these items.

Bonus Item

10. Measure Laundry Detergent


Measure your own detergent and save lots of money. The instructions on the laundry detergent bottles tell you to use twice as much as you really need so you buy more. Pill bottles will save you money!

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