How to Use Crayons in a Hot Glue Gun

Anyone who is serious about crafting recognizes that the hot glue gun is an essential tool. They can be used for so many different purposes and are one of the more versatile, yet simple items that you likely have in your toolbox. Although you have likely used glue guns many times in the past, you probably have never used them like this!

If you were thinking that hot glue sticks were the only thing that could be used in a hot glue gun, you really need to check this out. Not only are crayons fun to use in a hot glue gun, they are the perfect size to fit. When you use a crayon, they melt just like wax and something amazing happens.

Some people have been doing “crayon art” for years but it is typically done by laying out whole crayons or cut crayons on the sheet and then melting them with a lighter or hairdryer. Now that you know the easy way to melt crayons in a hot glue gun, you can enjoy this pastime as well and let your creativity shine.

The first thing you should do is decide what you want to create on the canvas. Pick out the colors in advance to make sure you have enough available.


Go grab your hot glue gun. More than likely, it is still out from your last project. You will hear some warnings that a crayon will ruin a hot glue gun, but it is really just a matter of cleaning the gun after you use it. If you are worried about ruining your hot glue gun, just use an old one until you are comfortable with the process.


Unwrap the first crayon that you plan on using and put it in the glue gun.


Now it is time to let your creative juices flow. Don’t go by any set standard of rules, just let the colors land on the canvas in front of you. To make tight lines or circles, keep the glue gun close to the canvas. As you pull the glue gun away, the lines will get wider and it will tend to spray. The closer you are to the canvas, the more control you have.


Since this piece of art is more about color than placement, we were able to test things nicely and use the glue gun both close and far from the canvas.


Although there are many different types of mediums that can be used for creating on the canvas, crayons add something unique. Not only is the color interesting, the texture that is added by the crayon when it dries adds an interesting dimension.


This type of project can be a little messy, especially when you first try it. Make sure you work in an area that can get a little dirty.


After you’re finished creating, let it dry and find a place to show off your masterpiece.


Via: NX2

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