Make Your Own Adorable Pom-Pom Carpet

There are a few things I look for when starting any project. First of all, I want to make sure that it’s easy enough so that I can actually complete it. Secondly, I try to choose something that the entire family can help me with, including the grandchildren. Since there is no sewing or knitting needles required for this project, it was a shoe in for me.

It may take a little bit of time to create what you want to create, but it is a lot of fun getting there. The fact of the matter is, you can do it on the weekend while sitting in front of the TV or you can do it as a standalone project, because it really gives your mind freedom while you are working on it. In any case, you will end up with a beautiful new rug that will be cozy for any room where you place it.

The first thing you need to do is to pick up enough yarn for the project. Of course, you will need to choose according to the size of the project and you will need to choose the colors that you want. In reality, that is one of the things that is so great about this project, you can spin it in any direction you like. It can either be the centerpiece of a new room or you can match your existing decor.

After you have the yarn and are home in a comfortable chair, take the yarn and wrap it around three of your fingers. You want to continue to wrap the yarn until you have the size pom-pom that you want. You can get a general idea for the size of the pom-pom by looking at how thick the yarns ball is on your fingers.


After getting it to the right size, slip the end of the yard through the middle of the spool where your fingers are, and tie a knot.


Slip it off of your fingers and pull the knot tighter, making a secondary knot at this time. Cut the end of the yarn but leave several inches as a tail, because you will need it later.


Cut the ball of yarn so that it frays in every direction.


After you cut it, it should look something like this. If yarn pieces went flying in every direction, you did something wrong when cutting it.


Work with the yarn until you have a fuzzy ball. You should then trim the edges of the fray down so that they are all even. Don’t get too technical at this point in the game. It has a lot to do with personal preference, and there is no wrong way to do it.


Now that you have your first pom-pom created, continue to create more until you have enough of the pom-poms to make the entire rug. This may take some time but consider it a labor of love!

After you have enough pom-poms, start tying them to each other using the tails that you left when creating them.


Tie them together to create any shape you like!


You can also create patterns out of the different colors you used for the pom-poms.


When you are finished, it is going to be so adorable you won’t believe it!


Via: NX2

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