Tired of Losing Socks? This DIY Project Will Help!

Laundry is something that all of us must do on a regular basis but one of the more frustrating parts of laundry is finding only one sock when the load is done! We instantly begin retracing our steps, wondering if the other sock is stuck in a pants leg or if we perhaps dropped it. Some people even go back to what their parents or grandparents said, that the dryer ate socks!

Although we may never find the answer to this question that life poses, there is something we can do to reduce the issue significantly. When you see this adorable and rather clever DIY project, you will rush to do it for yourself.


The first thing you need to do is gather your supplies.

1 Craft Board
Vinyl Lettering approximately 3” tall reading SINGLE in block print Connected Wood Letters in an artsy font measuring approximately 1/8″ thick and 4″ tall and reading “And Looking” Craft paint in the color of your choice
1 Foam paint brush
1 Small bristle brush
Some craft glue
6 clothespins (big enough to hold your socks, but small enough they don’t overtake the board)


This is where your creative side comes in. Use the foam paint brush to paint the board in whatever color you like. Most people opt for a darker color, and you may need to give it a second coat to make it look professional. Don’t forget to cover the area underneath the board so you don’t make a mess!


Allow the board to dry thoroughly and then remove the back of the vinyl lettering. Center the letters from the board and press down. Peel the masking off to reveal the letters.




You should now paint your wooden letters using the smaller brush. Take your time and be happy with the end product!




Look for your handy hot glue gun to connect the letters to the board. You should also use the hot glue gun to connect the clothespins to the board. Space them out evenly. If you just put them on the board at random, it will show.


All done! Not only is this project cute and fun, it is also quite useful. Rather than putting the sock back in the dryer or even worse, in your drawer will it will frustrate you further, just hang this near board the hamper and grab the other half of the pair as they go into the wash.


(Images: Craftcuts)

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